Youth Orchestra Participation Requirements...

The Fulton County Youth Orchestra (FCYO) accepts students in grades 4-8 who attend a Fulton County Public Elementary or Middle School. All members must be recommended by their FCS orchestra director or elementary general music teacher, be in good standing in their orchestra or elementary general music program, and perform on a string instrument at an advanced level. Once accepted, members must commit to the full school year, including all activities and rehearsals scheduled for the orchestra.

Auditions and Acceptance

Auditions for the FCYO are on August 22, 2017 from 5:00 to 6:45 PM at Alpharetta HS. This will be a combined open rehearsal and audition so all students are expected to attend the entire time and will not receive a specific audition time but instead will be pulled individually during the course of the rehearsal.  Audition results will be emailed by August 23rd.  All students who are accepted into the FCYO will need to bring a non-refundable participation fee of $175.00. Payments are due on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. Fees are payable by check only (no cash). Checks should be made payable to Centennial H.S. and marked with the student's name and school on the memo line. A returned payment fee may be accessed up to $35 .00.


Regular and prompt attendance at rehearsals is required. Attendance is taken at the beginning of the rehearsal. Only two excused absences per semester (fall/spring) are allowed. Upon the 3rd absence, the student may be moved to a different seat or dropped from the group. Students who are repeatedly tardy in arrival or pick-up are also subject to being removed from the FCYO.  No participation fees will be refunded.

Rehearsals and Sectionals

Most rehearsals are in the Centennial High School Orchestra Room. See the calendar for dates and sites.  Please be sure to note there are a few required Monday rehearsals. Sectional rehearsals and auditions may be held in other rooms. Signs will be posted and parents will be emailed indicating where students should report in the event of changes.

Musical Responsibility

Students must learn music at home so that rehearsal time may be spent on musical and ensemble concepts. Players who appear to be inadequately prepared on a regular basis may be reseated or dismissed from the orchestra.  Periodic seating auditions will occur on assigned music. Private lessons are highly encouraged, but not required. Instruments, strings, and bows should be kept in good repair.  Always bring a pencil and the issued music and folder to every rehearsal.  Music stands are not required for rehearsals but are suggested for home practice.  A SmartMusic subscription and microphone for your home computer are also good ideas since some of our music may be accessible there.


The uniform consists of the FCYO shirt, black dress pants, black hosiery and black dress shoes. The FCYO shirt fee is included in the participation fee. The shirt will be tucked into the pants. Please no black jeans, sweat pants, or skirts.

Parking for Rehearsals

FCYO parking at Centennial HS is available in any open space near the auditorium after school is dismissed at 3:45.

Parent Association

Parents are encouraged to become actively involved with volunteer opportunities for the orchestra. The tasks you help with really make a difference! A list of tasks and help needed is included on the application. Please check all areas you might help with if your child is selected as a member.