This page contains alternate assignments available if you are unable to complete or attend your FAAL or a performance. 


Fine Arts Activity Logs (available here) are due once per quarter any time between the first and last day of the quarter.  If you are unable to attend any fine arts events then your alternate assignment is to give an in depth "artist of the day" style review of an entire album of your choice.  It should be one full page (hand or typewritten) and should include all the same information about an entire album that we usually go over for an individual song as a part of the A-o-D.  Instrumentation, voicing, range, tempo, key, dynamic range, origin, time frame, mood, genre, and obviously the name of the artist and album.

Concert Attendance alternative assignment.  There is no way to make-up a concert after it has passed.  If you are unable to attend a performance your alternate assignment is to make a video of yourself playing through all of your parts by yourself.  If this is done on your ipad you can then 'share' the video with "".  You can also bring it in on a flash drive or burned CD.  This assignment must be completed within one week of the missed performance.

Practice Record alternate assignment- Just as with concerts, there's no way to turn in a practice record after the time has passed.  The alternate assignment is to record yourself playing through one piece by yourself and then 'share' the video with "".  This can be done up to 3 times to make-up for 3 missed practice records. 


Tim Anderson, Director
Johns Creek, Georgia 30022